Artist Statement
When I graduated from elementary school, my kindergarten teacher wrote in my autograph book “I hope one day to be invited to your first art show.” I think that foretelling might have been due, in part, to the fact that my father was making his living as a commercial artist and art was all around me.

These many years later I can venture that ultimately my art is a synthesis of what was learned in my art education experiences, what I gleaned by studying the work of my favorite artists and many years of experimentation.

As an artist, I have many recurring themes which orbit around my creative sun until they alight and find their way back into my art; sometimes years later. The Bible and Mythology, the Collective Unconscious, Music, Dance, Dolls, Still Life and Flowers and Plants are just a few of the subjects that intrigue me.

Texture in life, nature and art affects me so strongly that I can almost feel it coursing through my veins. As a result, I am constantly experimenting with media where I can use both texture itself or try to give the effect of texture. Assemblages, bas relief sculptures, painting with glitter, collages made from tissue paper, printmaking without a press are some of the techniques that I have used as a part of this quest.

Acrylic is my medium of choice for painting. I create visual layers by scumbling with my brush. This gives the work a sense of mystery and allows earlier colors, textures and images to peek though.

No matter what my influences and resources are, I feel that I am owning the resulting imagery. I also feel very confident that there is validity in the images lurking in my imagination as well as trusting the truth of the doodle.

In conclusion I would like to say that each part of the Artmaking PROCESS is equally fulfilling to me. Finding ways to solve the problems involved in the creation of an artwork can be like a science. Although the path can wind; that’s the fascination.