There is a thread that runs through my work. You may call it ​my ​
​Anima or my energy. I can feel it when I am working. It runs up ​and
​down my ​meridians.

Although I have many styles, techniques and ​subjects, when ​
​viewing ​my work in its ​entirety, it all makes sense.

One of the most exciting experiences in my ​art making is ​when I
​​haven’t worked in a ​while and I am bursting to work; ​or when I ​don’t have much time and I really want to ​put something on paper or canvas. I can’t ​think too much. I just need to do and I cannot be too precious. No matter what the outcome the process and experience are exciting.

A very memorable PROCESS experience for me was in the creation of my paintings to the haunting music of the composer Claude Bolling. In the music Bolling was playing the piano accompanied by the flutist Jean Pierre Rampal. "Baroque and Blue" and "Fugace" under MUSIC are the two pieces of art that came out of this experiment.

While listening to the music I painted some abstract backgrounds. Continuing to listen, I imagined poses that a dancer would be doing to the music and painted the dancers from my imagination in those poses. (This makes sense as I have a dance background.)

Finally, using the backgrounds and the dancers, I danced the images into the backgrounds as though I would be a visual choreographer. Need I say more!

This was a very profound artistic experience for me.

I have used music as my source material for many works of art. While I am listening, I just let myself feel the music in terms of color, movement, shape and anything figural that it might remind me of. This is what I talk about when I say that I trust the doodle. That quick drawing done to a piece of music can be enlarged, edited and embellished; when all it started out as was a doodle; a doodle to music, but still a doodle.

A technique that you will also see represented in my art is the use of a Gelatin plate. This is accomplished by creating a plate made from a gelatin mixture which then sets enough to be worked on with brush or roller. Once set you can apply all kinds of texture, and the texture then becomes part of your image. Being the texture ‘freak’ that I am, Gelatin Plate Monoprinting is right up my alley.

I will continue to experiment with new media as I am driven to do so. I doubt that I will ever stay with one subject or media or style as that is not my personality and I embrace it.